The Health-e Meal Planner Pro is
an easy to use web based solution for schools!

Planning healthy, nutritious, attractive and compliant menus is more challenging today than it has ever been before. New and revised regulations, increased student health issues such as obesity and a more discriminating customer base means that doing it the way it has always been done is not an option.

Introducing the Health-e Meal Planner Pro! This is our solution to help you navigate today's challenging menu planning environment. Simple, intuitive menu planning the way you would plan your own meals at home. No software hassles with computer settings! No network or operating system challenges! The Health-e Meal Planner Pro is cloud based. This means that all you need is a computer with regular Internet access.

The Health-e Meal Planner Pro is USDA approved for use in conducting for nutrient analysis.

 Save Time

 Save Money

 Stay Compliant